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U-Sky Eco-System Related Questions

U-Sky is a K-12 education digital Eco-system for schools and students across India. This Eco-system is a holistic and an optimal combination of instructional, administrative, infrastructural and data management technologies that can help transform regular schools into digital schools and then into data driven schools in a cost effective and time bound manner. U-Sky customers are (1) Governments schools at all levels, (2) Private Schools and (3) Individual Students

U-Sky’s Digital Eco-system consists of 10 platforms – (1) Smart / Digital Classrooms (online, offline and Class M programs); (2) Curriculum aligned Multimedia Content in multiple languages, (3) Core subject Labs, (4) Personalized Learning and (5) Career Platforms, (6) Assessment and Exam Prep platforms, (7) Skill Development Platforms, (8) School Management Systems, (9) Data Lab modules and (10) Training and Support Services, distinguished as student and school Eco-systems that will not only reduce digital divide, they will provide instructional and personalized learning, 21st century core competencies like soft and life skills including collaboration, communication, critical thinking, scheduling, social networking and introducing high school students to career skills. You can navigate between the different Eco-system platforms by clicking the Menu button on the top right corner on any U-Sky portal page.

U-Sky School Ecosystem transforms via a step-by-step convergence process - migrates regular schools and students into the realm of (a) Virtual / Smart / Digital solutions, all under one roof; and next into (b) Data driven schools with personalized learning solutions for each student, in addition, (c) School Management Systems, Assessment, Exam Prep, Teacher training and Support modules.

Every school endeavours for (a) Higher Student Achievement, (b) Higher Student Enrolment and (c) Higher Revenues. U-Sky School Program is a strategic, comprehensive, integrated digital education technology solution that empowers 21st century schools.

U-Sky believes every student is unique. U-Sky believes every student learns differently. U-Sky believes every student needs a combination of products and services -Personalized Learning Plan, a Personalized Career Plan, their Longitudinal Data Analytic Report which measures student’s progress objectively vis-à-vis their peers and most importantly student need a Personal Digital Mentor or guide that assists them in all their academic needs across time.

Instead of just buying each digital product from different vendors, U-Sky provides the entire network of symbiotic products all under one roof. This will provide the most optimal synergies to all the education stake holders by reducing achievement gaps and improving effectiveness and efficiency. You will be able to cross check or relate data in multiple facets for informed decision making.

Purchase Related Questions

Of course, you can purchase any product of your choosing. However we suggest you to purchase a combo, because it is just the appropriate bundling of complementary products which together will generate immense value to students or schools. Just piecemeal solutions will not deliver optimal and holistic outcomes or results.

Yes, you can purchase a multi-year package. Since U-Sky just launched, the prices you see are subsidized. All packages are annual. Prior to expiration, U-Sky will send you a reminder to renew. If you have trouble purchasing, renewing or other questions, please contact our Call center representative for assistance.

Yes, please contact our representative for discount coupons. Likewise, if you want to differ your payment to a later date but will like to utilize our products and service now, not a problem, please contact our customer representative to set up a payment plan.

You can pay using (1) Credit cards, (2) Debit Cards, (3) Internet Pay, (4) Other modes of wallet payment methods. However, if your payment is cash or cheque, please contact our customer support representative.

Not at this time. Each portal will have a separate log-in credential. However, we are working on a secure unified authentication system. Will keep you informed.

Yes, we are hosted on Amazon Cloud with all the security protocols in place. In addition we have created a multi-layer authentication protocol.

Yes, you can access our platform and your account from any portable device. U-Sky platforms are designed using responsive protocols. Soon we will be launching mobile apps for convenience.

Yes, a child of any age is eligible to create accounts on any of the U-Sky platforms. However, parental approval and guidance is mandatory for children below 18 years.

Our remote call center (telephone, e-mail or web chat) for all IT, Academic or Business related queries is available between 10 AM to 6 PM. Where necessary, our representatives will make a physical trip if costs are covered.

U-Sky Partners are Education Institutions, Schools, Businesses or Governments that cater to their own network of users. We work on a pre-agreed revenue sharing formula.

U-Sky Affiliates are an extension of U-Sky’s Business, Marketing and Support Teams. They are trained and approved by U-Sky to represent the company. They are paid a commission for driving business to U-Sky or rendering services (IT support, Installation, Training, Money collection, etc.) on behalf of U-Sky.

Anyone interested in become U-Sky Partners or Affiliates, please contact our Representatives by calling our call center.

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